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I AM THAT, Is the only water company in the world that promotes consciousness. Our slogan

Speak, drink think positive. Setting  the tone for peace and wellness and it does not stop there ,our fresh spring water has been treated with love and care having soothing tones played to this living water such as a Symphony, Bach , Mozart, Beethoven, 432 and 528 HZ tone which is known for its DNA healing. Scientist are saying that water has memory and I AM THAT, LLC believes it.  Stop drinking dead water and drink the living water today you deserve it.

I Love I AM THAT, Water my boys do too its a great fresh taste and its Positive I AM THAT, Laughter .

community leader and President of CCCBs

About I AM THAT, 


store owner

I AM That, LLC was founded by Ramonia Hines and Brandy Waters, locals of Northern Virginia. Together both women have over 20 years experience in community outreach and award winning sales. After learning that our thought create things and that water has memory  They wanted to create a product that everyone accentual needs yet can also afford something that would make people feel good about themselves and healthy . As you heard “Virginia are for lovers” they wanted to share that love with everyone. The two hard working mothers’ brain stormed on how they could share that positive outlook on their community. Which lead them into deep research on discovery of water frequencies and how our atmosphere and language affects the number one commodity in the world. We all know the saying “sticks and stone my break your bones but words will never hurt you”, well on the contrary they do hurt but they also can heal.


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